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Gallery » WIZO's Spring (Aviv) in Winter

Little did we know that WIZO's young Aviv groups would stand so true to their name and bring us spring in the midst of winter. The Aviv Organizing Committee left no stones unturned when it came to preparing for their big event last night. MMCC’s Lisa Goldberg and Merelyn Chalmers enticed everyone’s senses with a special cooking demo and all the guests were treated to samples of the dishes prepared. The stories behind the recipes felt like an added ingredient-- making it all the tastier! If that wasn’t enough, WIZO Aviv also pampered its guests by organizing an auction of the 2 dishes prepared on the night and 5 lucky guests won fantastic prizes at the raffle drawn at the end of the Event. Congratulations to our raffle winners: Simonne Abadee, Michael Naninsky, Caryn Ger,Robyn Grusd and Roni Goldberg. A big pat on the back to all the members of the Organizing Committee: Ruth Abras, Heidi Baltineshter, Lindsey Baserabi, Lisa Bognar, Karen Bognar, Dana Ingster, Victoria McFarlane, Hayley Mednick, Ilana Mendels, Rochelle Rutman, Natasha Selwyn, Di Simons and Lara Sperber. Well done girls! We are grateful to Candi Burger for being such a graceful hostess and to all those who donated their time and prizes for the event. You’re support and generosity is invaluable at a time when it is most needed.

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