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For over 100 years WIZO has been the largest Welfare organisation in Israel, helping to strengthen Israeli society by supporting the most vulnerable.

But truth be told WIZO does so much more.

WIZO stands for empowering women around the globe.

WIZO stands for a thriving Jewish Homeland.

WIZO stands for uplifting the underprivileged.

WIZO stands for improving the lives of women and children across Israel.

And WIZO stands for our people in the UN.

However, to keep making a difference in the world, we need you to stand with us.

Your membership ensures we can do the vital work required – from day care centres to
refuge shelters and right through to effective representation at the UN.

Right now 250,000 women around the world stand with WIZO in all their endeavours.

And we’re hoping you’ll stand with us this year by renewing your membership or becoming a member once again.

To stand with us, please click the button below.

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WIZO NSW, The Women’s International Zionist Organization, is a worldwide non-profit organization that operates over 800 social welfare projects in Israel.

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