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Now more than ever, WIZO’s work in Israel is powerful, meaningful & effective.

The last weeks have shown us just how important it is for Jews in the Diaspora to show our solidarity and support.

WIZO continually supports the entire spectrum of the Israeli population.  WIZO is on the ground supporting those in greatest need:  the displaced residents of the South, and now the North, the homeless, the elderly, the traumatised, and of course our precious children.

As Israel’s largest welfare arm, we, through our membership, have a strong voice at the United Nations to counteract anti-Israel rhetoric which is now at a heightened level.

Therefore, standing up to be counted as a member of this vital and worldwide movement is urgent. Is powerful. And is necessary. The more there are of us, the greater the impact.

WIZO stands for improving the lives of women, children and families across Israel. There is nothing more important than this.

Now more than ever, we need you to pay your WIZO membership. Please fill out the membership form here, or call the WIZO office and one of the team will assist you.

Am Israel Chai

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WIZO NSW, The Women’s International Zionist Organization, is a worldwide non-profit organization that operates over 800 social welfare projects in Israel.

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