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WIZO AVIV Young Leadership Mission 2018
Thursday 1st Nov-Tues 6th November

WIZO AVIV is a vibrant, international group that covers the young women (ages 25-45) of WIZO. This ‘spring’ of WIZO (spring is the Hebrew word for AVIV) has continued to drive WIZO’s mission in advancing the welfare of women and children in Israel since 1957. To date WIZO has over 800 projects in Israel, positively impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of women and children. WIZO AVIV gives young women a platform to explore, encourage and engage with idealism in their own way.

Mission Goals
Each year the AVIV women from around the world come to Israel on the AVIV Seminar to deepen their connection to Israel and WIZO’s ideology. They think, share, learn and work together before returning to their home Federations to continue their work.
The Mission has several goals, amongst others, providing participants with leadership and public diplomacy (hasbara) training, giving participants tools for effective event planning, fundraising and membership recruitment, as well as allowing for networking and the exchange of ideas between the emerging leadership of WIZO federations worldwide.

Visiting and volunteering at WIZO projects opens the eyes of the participants to the bigger picture of WIZO enabling them to see first-hand that WIZO is truly at the heart of Israeli society.
Last but not least there is also plenty of time for bonding, networking and pure fun.

This year in Jerusalem!

If you are in Israel during this time and would like to attend, please contact WIZO on 9387 3666

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