Bibas Raffle

BIBAS BEAUTY lovingly hand painted by Haley Sherman is not just a piece of art, it’s a piece of he’art. Filled with both sorrow and beauty collectively.

And now it could be yours!

Purchase a ticket to have a chance to own this one of a kind artwork that depicts the beauty of the Bibas family who are currently being held hostage in Gaza.

All proceeds sent directly to Israel, supporting traumatised children and families.

To purchase tickets, please call the WIZO office on 02 9387 3666, make payment via direct debit (Name: WIZO NSW, BSB: 062162, A/C: 00900131) or purchase online here, and help our children and families in Israel.

bibas beauty painted haley sherman

Bibas Raffle

haley sherman

Bio for Haley Sherman 

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with WIZO donating this work in the hopes of raising much needed funds for the women and children affected by the war. 

 I am a business consultant in the Jewellery industry, running a family business and carrying out private consultation in the design and manufacturing of Jewellery, with a strong set of artistic skills. 

After completing secondary education I obtained certification in both Fashion and Graphic design. Having always been self employed my endeavors have consistently been focused around creativity. I have always aimed to keep my artistic side engaged by taking classes in all genres of art. Painting, drawing, photography etc. 

My motivation for this piece was for an exhibition “100 Days in captivity” with emphasis on the Bibas family.   I had little time to complete this work but was compelled by the impact this war and all the hostages have had on us as a people and the emotional weight it has had on me personally.  It truly was a labor of love, and enjoyed every moment watching it come to life. 

The piece is Klimt inspired as much sentiment can be seen in his work. I wanted to portray sorrow but in a beautiful way as to depict the grief the family are experiencing but also show their beauty,  hence why I’ve titled it 

“Bibas Beauty”

It is painted on 100% Cotton Duck canvas board using various acrylic mediums and gold and copper leaf.  The piece has been professionally framed. 

This painting and the astonishing feedback I have had from our community has inspired me to do a series of works dedicated to the hostages. 

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