Candy Berger

Meet Candy Berger

WIZO Women come from all walks of life.
Let’s get to know some of our members and find out what WIZO means to them.

Hi Candy, tell us when and why you joined WIZO?

To be honest, I knew very little about WIZO up until a few months ago. Then I went to the Major Function last year and was blown away. The event was totally inspiring. It made me realise how important the power of a woman’s voice can be. I became a member soon after.

How would you explain WIZO to someone who has never heard of it?

I would tell them that WIZO is like a foundation for a successful Israel. It supports women, children and families experiencing hardship, giving them opportunities to have better lives.
As poverty is often ‘passed down’ from one generation to the next, these opportunities mean that the next generation in Israel have more of a chance to create great things in their lives.

What does WIZO mean to you?

Many words come to mind. Here are a few: women, power, community, possibility, potential and opportunity.

Why is WIZO important today?

I think that WIZO is really important. It simply gives people a chance to fulfil their potential. For example, at last year’s Major Function, the two musicians who sang – Guy and Yahel – came from desperate home situations. When they were young WIZO gave them the chance to learn to play music in a Youth Village and as a result they have given beautiful music to the world.

At the same event, Avi Issascharof – the co-creator of Fauda – had help from WIZO when his daughter was first born and his wife had a stroke. Because of WIZO, Avi was able to dedicate his time to his wife knowing that his newborn was safe and in good hands.

It makes me wonder how many other people are flourishing in Israel and giving back to their country and community because of WIZO.

Is there a WIZO function or event that stands out in your mind? Why?

I have only been to one event so far, the Major Function in 2017. It was not only a fun night, but truly eye-opening. I never knew how many Israeli kids need our help. It was a shock.

What would you tell someone who was unsure about becoming a WIZO member?

I would tell them that WIZO is probably more important than they realise. That they should definitely join and become part of a highly relevant sisterhood.

Tell us about yourself outside of WIZO – your family life, work life, other interests.

I’m 27 and a professional chef. I love yoga, clean eating, the beach lifestyle and caring for the planet.

Is there a WIZO project that you have a particular interest in? Why?

I love anything to do with babies! I know WIZO also does Sponsor a Child in Israel, giving us the chance to help babies as young as six months old. I’m looking forward to learning more about that this year.

Is it time you became a WIZO woman too?

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