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In a dramatic achievement for WIZO in promoting the rights of Israeli women in the workplace, WIZO’s Equal Pay for Women & Men Bill was passed into law on August 24. The new law obligates employers to publish an annual report detailing the pay gaps between their male and female employees. This transparency will help women achieve fairness and equality in their wages.
WIZO works tirelessly to promote gender equality on all fronts. It is central to women’s empowerment, one of the founding principles since its inception in 1920.
“This bill is a key milestone in the ongoing and just struggle to reduce gender gaps in the labour market and to promote equality in all areas of life,” said WIZO Israel Chairperson Ora Korazim. “The wage gap between men and women in Israel currently stands at 32%, despite the fact that there is a law on the books that requires equal pay for both sexes. WIZO congratulates MK Etty Atia for leading this legislation and standing firm in the face of pressure from employers’ organisations. From now on, every employer will think twice before discriminating when it comes to the wages of their male and female employees.”
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