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On the Wednesday 7th of August WIZO NSW hosted an annual Gala Event with Eden Harel as guest speaker. Harel is one of Israel’s best know TV presenters, having been the face of MTV Europe in the mid nineties. After her contract with MTV Europe ended she travelled to India for a year and lived in a Buddhist monastery.

Today, Harel lives in Ra’anana, is baalat teshuva (someone who has returned to religion), and keeps the Sabbath. The mother of six can also still be seen on TV screens across Israel as the host of various shows and specials.

Although she has achieved so much, Eden Harel has never forgotten where it all began. When she was only eleven, Eden went to the WIZO Hadassim boarding school, and credits WIZO with giving her the chance to succeed in life.
Harel spoke about her incredible and unconventional career path, but of how WIZO played a major role in her formative years, and how we should do all we can ensure that other Israeli children – like the ones at the Jonas Dormitory – are given the same opportunity.

WIZO NSW is raising funds for a dire situation unfolding right now at WIZO Australia’s flagship project WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim in Haifa.
Perched atop Mount Carmel stands this residential boarding school for disadvantaged youth funded by WIZO Australia. All students at WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim reside in one of the three dormitories on campus – The Sonia and Don Marejn Dormitory, The Rae and Tom Mandel Dormitory and The Jonas Dormitory, a post-hospitalisation unit that provides the children with both a formal education as well as the psychological and psychiatric treatment they need.

Built almost 60 years ago, the Jonas Dormitory is now deemed to be below acceptable living standards. As such, the Israeli Ministry of Welfare recently ordered the renovation of this building so it adheres to licensing requirements and to continue to receive government funding. The Jonas Dormitory will be closed down if the renovation does not take place.

To meet the needs of today’s standards and qualify for government funding, the entire indoor structure of the dormitory must be renovated. This includes bedrooms, washrooms, showers, common areas, kitchens and staffrooms. Each student has a unique therapeutic program designed especially for them by the therapeutic staff, with their individual needs and circumstances top of mind.

To help us rebuild the Jonas Dormitory and support Israel‘s most vulnerable children, call the WIZO office on 9387 3666.

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