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Established by women, run by women, to strengthen women and their families in Israel.



WIZO spans five continents and four generations as one of the largest women’s networks in the world.



Strengthening the connection with global Jewish communities by working together for a stronger Israel.



Supported by over 250,000 volunteers in 50 federations worldwide with tens of thousands of volunteers in Israel.

WIZO Lev Echad

Lev Echad means ‘one heart’ and after the recent mission to Israel it was proven that we cry, laugh, and our hearts all beat as one. 

Lev Echad is a group within WIZO for women aged 35-55 years old who are passionate about supporting the vulnerable people of Israel.

Lev Echad was formed to ensure the future succession of WIZO NSW. Nine women travelled on a mission to Israel to see the important work WIZO does and to understand the need of WIZO especially following the events on October 7th. 

Lev Echad looks forward to a future filled with promise, progress, and profound impact.

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