WIZO AGM held on Wednesday 8th May

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An heartfelt and wonderful 81st WIZO AGM this evening. A financially successful 2023 was reported, even with the heartache that was 7th October. Awards this year were emotional! Anita Fisher and Bertha Milner were each awarded the Rebecca Sieff Award, the highest of all WIZO honours world wide. A huge thank you to our guest … Read more

Yom Hashoah V’HaGvurah

anat shechter vidor

Dearest friends, This year, there is a deeper sense of trauma to our commemoration on Yom HaShoah of the darkest period in modern Jewish history. This year, the words “the worst massacre of Jews SINCE the Holocaust” have been repeated over and over, and it is impossible to escape the pain and fear that they … Read more

Article written by Anita Friedman for the Jerusalem Post

article written by anita friedman for the jerusalem post

Protester ignorance: Zionism is the hope for tolerance, democracy, egalitarianism – opinion Zionist Israel grants equal rights and equal opportunities to every person who lives in it, without distinguishing between religions and nationalities. I’m in New York right now, anxiously following the wave of antisemitism hitting here. The sights are unimaginable. Jews are afraid to … Read more

Let My People Go – Poem

jaclyn leiba gluck

While Hamas has the hostages in captivity We will never give up fighting for their liberty. The smiling faces  of the hostages in the posters, are from their lives before October 7 –  engraved in our collective memory, for evermore. 133 innocent souls trapped in terror tunnels underground. Are they alive or dead ? When … Read more

Meet the passionate Lev Echad committee

wizo lev echad group

Meet the passionate Lev Echad committee embarking on a transformative journey to Israel! Lev Echad is a new group for passionate people aged 35-50 wanting to make a difference in Israel through WIZO. Their mission will be to volunteer, listen, bear witness and upon returning, educate and fundraise for vulnerable and at-risk Israeli’s.  Our heartfelt gratitude goes … Read more

The Chosen People – Poem

jaclyn leiba gluck

Are we the  Jews – The Chosen People to be the victims of hurtful , hateful ,humiliation, exclusion ,expulsion or extermination? Or  have we been chosen to teach the World about monotheism, liberation, education, compassion and innovation. Our mission is no privilege  but a great responsibility, to be a Or La’goyim – a Light unto … Read more

WIZO at War: Impact Report

wizo at war impact report

Dear friends, I am pleased to send you “WIZO at War: Impact Report”, an overview of some of the key initiatives WIZO has taken in response to the devastating events of October 7 and the subsequent Iron Swords War, now in its sixth month. As you will see, these efforts cover the entire span of … Read more

2024: The Year After

domestic violence in the shadow of war

In so many ways, we are all still stuck in 2023, on October 7, 2023 to be more precise. But life must, and does, go on. In 2024, WIZO charges ahead to the new year with strength, determination, and hope for a brighter future. Here’s a brief recap of what’s been happening since we marked … Read more


wizo egm esther farewell

The WIZO EGM was held online this year due to the current situation in Israel. Esther Mor stepped down as World WIZO President, and the position was filled without contest by WIZO NSW Past President Anat Vidor. All at WIZO NSW congratulate Esther on a marvellous and most successful 8 year term, and warmly welcome … Read more

Rebecca Sieff award

diane symonds rebecca sieff award

Last night at a WIZO NSW Representative meeting, past President Diane Symonds was honoured with the prestigious Rebecca Sieff award. This is internationally recognised as the highest award that a volunteer can achieve in WIZO. It is presented to a person who has given to WIZO over many years, countless hours, many events, speeches, outreach, … Read more

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