Chag “Ha’Nashim” Sameach!

Festival of Weeks (Chag HaShavuot)…Festival of the Harvest (Chag Ha-Katzir)… Day of the First Fruits (Yom Ha-Bikkurim)… but Festival of Women? Shavuot has many names and traditions. One of them is reading Megillat Ruth, a rich text that explores the role of women in Judaism and in society. Ruth’s courage turns the catastrophic famine and forced migration of the time into salvation and the building of a thriving nation. In modern times, including women at all levels of society has been demonstrated to reduce conflict and strengthen stable governments. That is the core of WIZO’s work: empowering women so that they can contribute to our nation’s wellbeing. Hence, Shavuot, with its emphasis on female inclusion, is a holiday that vividly mirrors WIZO’s values.

Chag “Ha’Nashim” Sameach!



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