We Are The Champions!

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When we talk about the WIZO community, we speak about women, children, families, volunteers.

We don’t usually talk about …. WIZO cows.

Sometime in the 1940s, three milk cows were brought to the agricultural farm at WIZO Nir HaEmek. Since then, not a single additional cow was purchased by the village. Eighty years later, the herd has grown to 150, and every single one of them is a descendant of the original trio — all “sabras” bred from previous generations and born at Nir HaEmek!

Last week, a report was published ranking the top 290 dairy farms nationwide from the moshavim and youth villages. Nir Haemek placed third overall, and first among all the youth villages in Israel. In its 95 years of existence, Nir Haemek has never won first place before. You want proof that hard work, patience and persistence pays off? Here you have it – our cows are champions for the first time ever!

Last week, village director Esti Cohen threw a celebration party for all the agriculture workers and dairy farmers, and announced a champion’s bonus that they had been asking for: an automatic folding curtain that will close off one side of the cowshed, creating a warmer and dryer atmosphere inside to keep the cows comfortable in winter.

At the party, Esti also paid tribute to Mercedes Ivcher, founding president of WIZO USA and Nir Haemek’s “patron saint of dairy”. Mercedes founded the factory that produces incredibly delicious cheeses from the milk produced by those cows; and it was Mercedes’ generous donation several years ago to upgrade the equipment and infrastructure of the cow shed, that paved the way to Nir Haemek’s championship performance.


Photo credit: Gad Levi



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