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world wizo update august 2021

WIZO NSW recently held, on zoom,  a quarterly State Council & Executive Meeting.

President Diane Symonds gave an update on Israel:

  • Last month, WIZO’s 101st birthday was celebrated at an event for approximately 200 volunteers, staff and guests at the Hadassim youth village.  Highlights included a panel of WIZO’s experts, and guest speaker Gila Almagor, stage and film personality, who spent her early years at WIZO Hadassim’s Youth Village.
  • WIZO’s accomplishments as a leading Zionist movement focusing on the years 1920-1945, will now be taught throughout Israel, and will be included in history books in a chapter entitled, “Building a Nation”.
  • WIZO will be offering special training sessions for lawyers who are interested in improving their knowledge and skills in their work with families caught in the cycle of violence.
  • A new state of the art three floor WIZO day care centre was inaugurated in Tel Aviv recently thanks to a very generous donation received from the Nazariyan family from Los Angeles.
  • An emotional graduation ceremony took place at Ahuzat Yeladim in June, where the Marga Spindler scholarship award for excellence was launched. The award was attended by Marga’s Israeli cousin Meira Amitai who presented the award to Meital*

“Meital has no family support at all, no one who can help her financially, or in any other way. I have no doubt that this scholarship will help her to fulfill her dreams and her life goals which are to complete her studies, to acquire high school diploma with full matriculation, serve in the IDF, and attend academic studies.”

~ A quote from Yossi

  • After a series of very successful ZOOM sessions with Spanish speaking federations on diverse subjects related to the work we do in Israel, and to the WIZO movement worldwide, World WIZO’s External Relations Division, will be launching a ZOOM series for English speaking countries on September 13th.  The first  session will be a “working meeting” devoted to concrete issues and a broad overview and discussion of WIZO fundraising.

(*name changed to maintain confidentiality)


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