Ukraine Update

Today, the CHW Hadassim took in their 22nd Ukrainian refugee child, and are expecting another 3 in the coming days. In WIZO Nahalal there are 23, and one more will be joining soon. WIZO Nachlat Yehuda was informed today that the first children will be arriving this week, and eventually – there will be 25.

The Israeli media has reported on the incredible response of WIZO federations and raising money for the Ukrainian refugees, and Anita posted about this on her Facebook page today:

Here is one of the stories that ran in the Israeli media:

We would like you all to know that everyone here at WIZO is incredibly moved and grateful for the immediate and generous response of our federations to our call to raise money for Ukrainian refugee children. So far, over 500,000 NIS has been raised, as Anita writes.

However, the needs are still great. More children are arriving almost every day, most of them arriving with almost nothing. These are teenage girls and boys, living through multiple traumas that hard for us to imagine. The support we have received from our federations and supporters are being used to help purchase the basic things that every child and teenager needs, not only to function and survive, but to feel that someone cares about them. These seemingly small things make a huge difference in the lives and emotional state of the children.

There will also be significant need for professional psychological and emotional support services from Russian/Ukrainian-speaking psychologists, social workers, etc.

The children in Nahalal were asked by their counselors: what is the one thing that you are missing and would like to have. Some of the answers will surprise you:

Asia – A powerbank
Diana – Pink Blanket
Yana – The flag of Ukraine
Alyssa – drumsticks
Nestia – a large glass
David – A basketball
Yagur – Diary
Grisha – a big glass
Danilo – a big cup
David – A large bottle of Fanta
Yagur – Diary
Diana – Water paints and brushes
Dasha – cell phone protector
Edward – cell phone protector
Dima – Magnets
Grisha – a big glass
Andrei – Pizza



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