The Korsunski Youth Club is located in the heart of the Kaplan neighbourhood, which is characterized by low income families as well as a high concentration of refugees.

  • Established: 1993
  • Manager: Liat Almog
  • Staff: Head Counselor, Playroom Supervisor, Learning Centre Coordinator, Social Activities Coordinator
  • Professional Counselors: 8
  • Youth Counselors: 3
  • The centre services children, youth and adults.

Programs and projects:

Tutoring in various subjects is provided one-on-one by certified teachers for a nominal fee. Assistance is also given with homework as most full time working parents cannot supply this help. In addition, many do not have the ability or knowledge to help their children with homework. Access to computers is well used in this centre as most children cannot afford computers at home and this access is vital to their success at school.

Madatzim (Young leadership):

At the centre social activities with an emphasis on installing social values for neighbourhood children (1st – 6th grade) are supervised by young volunteer counselors who have completed a year long Young Urban Leadership Course. These activities train the children to make wise decisions and not turn to drugs or crime.

Community Theatre:

WIZO subsidises day trips, summer camps and special events for disadvantaged families to celebrate the Jewish holidays.

Extra-mural activities/courses:

Gymnastics, martial arts, exercise classes for women, zumba, cooking courses, art, drama and dance classes. The Denny Govendir Auditorium was named in memory of WIZO New South Wales long serving Executive Director.