WIZO Raya Jaglom Multipurpose Day Care Centre in Tel Aviv


The WIZO Raya Jaglom Multipurpose Day Care Centre was inaugurated in 1972. The centre is open from 7 am until 7 pm and caters to the needs of at-risk children. Many of these children suffer from neglect and abuse as a result of dysfunctional family situations and poverty. The main goal of the centre is … Read more

WIZO Chorley Day Care Centre in Ra’anana

children learning

The Day Care Centre was inaugurated in 1997 and is located in the Lev Hapark neighbourhood populated mainly by young couples. Neighbouring is Kiryat Sharet a low-income community and the welfare cases enrolled at the Day Care Centre come from this neighborhood. The Day Care Centre caters to the needs of children from different socio-economic … Read more

WIZO Shikun Mizrach Day Care Centre in Rishon LeZion

renovated playground partly thanks to donations made by jodi fink on the occasion of her batmitzvah 2011

This Day Care Centre is situated in a low socio-economic district in Rishon Le Tzion. The area has a problem with crime and drugs. WIZO Australia has provided 3 newly renovated playgrounds in this Day Care Centre with rubberised flooring, sun awnings and age appropriate equipment. The kitchen and bathrooms have been renovated.

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