• Makom Balev Emergency Housing and Treatment Centre for Young Women in Beer Sheva

    Emergency housing and treatment for young women in Be’er Sheva at extremely high risk.

  • WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Boarding School in Haifa

    WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim offers a last chance for troubled teenagers.

  • Korsunski Youth Club in Kfar Saba

    Youth Club & Community Centre in Kfar Saba. Home away from home for over 400 children whose parents are unable to provide adequate after school care.

  • The Rae and Tom Mandel WIZO Centre in Modi’in dedicated to Women and Children

    Modi’in has a thriving young community and the centre provides activities and services for the women of the city.

  • WIZO Chorley Day Care Centre in Ra’anana

    Inaugurated in 1997, this day care caters to the needs of children from different socio-economic classes enabling social integration.

  • WIZO Raya Jaglom Multipurpose Day Care Centre in Tel Aviv

    Inaugurate in 1972, this Multipurpose Day Care Centre caters to the needs of at-risk children. The main goal of the centre is to create a high quality, comprehensive support system that integrates social services with day care, and focuses on the interaction of children and parents.

  • WIZO Shikun Mizrach Day Care Centre in Rishon LeZion

    The “Ma’on Va’od” program has been in operation since 2011.