Martin Israel visits WIZO’s Raya Jaglom in Tel Aviv

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A recent (and regular until Covid!) visitor to WIZO’s Raya Jaglom in Tel Aviv was Martin Israel and his wife Rene and granddaughter Melissa. Martin, who is partially sighted, creates the most beautiful hand crafted toys and other items for the children in WIZO’s care, and delivers them in person, often with family beside him.

Martin reports to us:

“Once again, it was a wonderful experience to witness firsthand the amazing kindergarten that WIZO helps to support. It was lovely to hear about the projects that WIZO funds in this kindergarten and to observe the diversity of the staff within the setting.

When  I gave Noam ( the most dedicated early childhood educator ) the wooden  Noughts and Crosses set that I had made for him as well as the 3 sets of wooden  Shabbat candle sticks ( with tea lights to ensure safety for the young children ), the wooden 3 dimensional Israeli flags which I made for the children to paint and use on various chagim and the wooden Hebrew letters for the children of all ages to use, it was a very emotional moment.

Noam was so appreciative and in his own words, was “touched by my Martins generosity and kindness” and was brought to tears at his gifts for the children in WIZO’s care.  It was a most emotional few moments for Noam and for Martin and his family.

Kol Hakavod to you Martin – WIZO NSW is eternally grateful for your wonderful support in all we do, and for making toys for our beautiful children:  many of whom have none of their own.

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