Great Achievement for WIZO: Knesset passes WIZO Law Requiring Therapy for Violent Men

wizo law requiring therapy for violent men

Dear WIZO members and supporters,

I am proud and delighted to be able to inform you of another great achievement for WIZO: the passing of a new law requiring violent men to undergo psychological and behavioral therapy.  The full story is below (Jerusalem Post here).

Knesset passes WIZO Law Requiring Therapy for Violent Men

The Knesset this week approved a groundbreaking law in the battle against domestic violence. The new law – initiated, written and advanced by WIZO — requires judges to send Israeli men, who have had restraining orders issued against them to receive mandatory behavioral and psychological treatment.

This will affect some 10,000 men each year, and will undoubtedly save lives and untold suffering to thousands of women, children and families.

WIZO partnered with the head of the Knesset Committee for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality, MK Aida Touma-Sliman, who sponsored the bill.

In her statement, MK Touma-Sliman echoed the message and holistic strategy that WIZO has promoted and fought for for many years: “This law sends the message that violent men can stop their violent behavior…With this law, Israel is saying that it will not only address the symptom, which is violence, but will also address the cause – the violent man.”

The bill was passed as a temporary order for five years and will come into effect in May 2023. The reason for this delay is the need to prepare a model for implementing the law and to recruit dozens of social workers who will provide professional opinions in advance of the treatment of the violent men, and will find suitable treatment programs for them.

The head of WIZO’s legal aid service was instrumental in drafting and promoting this new legislation, the Prevention of Domestic Violence Bill (Order to Receive Treatment) in the Knesset. This essential service helps so many women in Israel, and keeps WIZO in the forefront as a national leader in this area.

The effort to draft, promote and get this groundbreaking legislation passed was led by the director of WIZO’s Legal Aid Service. This service, operating in 30 WIZO branches around Israel, provides assistance to thousands of women each year in diverse legal areas, in person and over the phone, at nominal cost.

The service also provides the basis and catalyst for an extensive range of legislative and national policy initiatives to protect and advance women and their rights, and promote gender equality in Israel.  Just last year, WIZO’s groundbreaking Equal Pay for Women and Men Law was passed by the Knesset, a huge step forward in helping women achieve fairness and equality in their wages.


Warmest regards,


Chairperson World WIZO


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