Speaker of the Knesset Mickey Levy and his wife, Nurit, visited a WIZO shelter

speaker knesset mickey levy

Speaker of the Knesset Mickey Levy and his wife, Nurit, visited a WIZO shelter this week, hosted by WIZO President Esther Mor together with the staff of the Division for the Advancement of the Status of Women.

They discussed WIZO’s leadership, the challenges in combating violence against women, assisting in their rehabilitation after leaving the shelter, and the need to treat children exposed to violence.

“The hard and long-standing struggle against violence against women, physical, verbal or economic, is part of a wider struggle for gender equality and against oppression and exclusion. A struggle that we must continue to manage with all the power and tools that the government and the Knesset have. I encourage the brave and strong women and their children in shelters in Israel and I hope that the new year will bring with it new beginnings, good and sweet. I want to thank WIZO for their dedicated work, for the struggle for women and for the contribution to Israeli society,” said Speaker Levy.

Nurit added: “I wish to thank the women of the shelter for sharing their stories with us and the staff for their work. The issue of violence against women touches my heart and the stories are heartbreaking. We are in the process of setting up an initiative of volunteer mentors to help women victims of violence leaving shelters to restart their lives. This is another step that will make our society better, more inclusive and much more empowered.

Esther Mor, president of WIZO, thanked Nurit, who for many years has been volunteering and contributing to the fight against violence against women. Esther spoke about the importance of empowering women and the significance she sees in WIZO as an advocate for women to have a safe life that includes social, professional and economic independence.

WIZO proudly supports the  Division for the Advancement of the Status of Women.



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