Sponsor a Child in Israel

From: $85.00 / month for 12 months

Silver Sponsor

$1,000 in one payment or $85.00 / month for 12 months

Will enable WIZO to provide the best age-appropriate education while taking into consideration the unique variables of each child’s surroundings, as well as providing innovative programs for children at risk.  It will allow the Multipurpose Day Care Centres to offer full day programs from 7AM – 7PM. Here, infants and toddlers will receive the care that they do not get at home, including proper nutrition, attention, cognitive stimulation and encouragement.

Ruby Sponsor

$1,800 in one payment or $150.00 / month for 12 months

In addition to the normal education programs for all children in WIZO’s care, a Ruby Sponsorship will allow WIZO to offer counselling & intensive parenting workshops for families of children at WIZO Day Care Centres or in Youth Villages. This will include psychological therapy and counselling for children and youth at risk. A Ruby Sponsorship will provide hot meals, clean clothes, basic health education and counselling for teenage girls who are on the streets in Beersheva devoid of hope or plans for a better future.

Emerald Sponsor

$5,000 in one payment or $420/month for 12 months

A year’s support in full day care so that parents can go to work knowing their children are in the best hands possible.  The cost of Day Care Centres is affordable allowing mothers to go to work and provide vital financial support for their families. Children of all backgrounds spend their days in a warm loving environment with all they need to thrive and grow. The children will gain developmental skills, excellent education, playtime and any therapies that may be needed.

WIZO professionals and volunteers will provide care for children or youth from dysfunctional homes. They will receive hot meals, tutoring assistance, enrichment programs and positive social activities after school until the evening. All of this gives them what they do not get at home and assists them in closing the educational and social gaps between themselves and their peers.

An Emerald Sponsorship will offer a secure, safe nurturing environment for 20 young girls from distressed socioeconomic backgrounds living on the streets in Beersheva, for a year. It will provide hot meals, clean clothes, basic health education and counselling. It will give these girls hope for the future.


Over the past year Covid-19 shook us all to our core. It affected all our lives. Today, as vaccines are rolled out across Israel, and masks are the norm, the virus is becoming less effective. However we can’t mask the devastating effects the pandemic has had on the children of Israel. We are at a critical point right now. And we need your help now more than ever.


Please be part of this vital initiative in 2021.

Select your level of tax-deductible sponsorship below and change a life forever.


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