The Day Care Centre was inaugurated in 1972.

The Multipurpose Day Care Centre is open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. caters to the needs of at-risk children who suffer from social and cultural deprivation, neglect and abuse as a result of dysfunctional family relationships and situations of deep poverty.

The main objective is to create a high quality, comprehensive support system model, one that integrates social services with day care and focuses on the interaction of children and parents.

Care-givers and allied professionals help the parents develop skills for taking care of their children at home thus preventing the disintegration of the family unit. The Ministry of Welfare, Local government authorities all work in close cooperation with the WIZO staff at the Multipurpose DCC.

WIZO Australia has provided 4 newly renovated playgrounds in the DCC with rubberised flooring, sun awnings and age appropriate equipment. The kitchen and bathrooms have also been renovated.