It’s ‘Naaleh’ Time of Year

wizo nahalal hadassim nachlat yehuda

For WIZO Nahalal, Hadassim and Nachlat Yehuda, it’s that time of year: Every day, planes landing at Ben Gurion Airport bring us Na’aleh kids from east and west, north and south. Here, a welcome party from CHW Hadassim waits to greet children from Brazil, Equador and Mexico:

Eliana Gruvman

eliana gruvman wizo

“From my first day, the staff at WIZO were open, encouraging, and passionate about empowering the women and children of Israel. “ Eliana Gruvman, from New York, spent 6 weeks as a marketing intern at WIZO Worldwide headquarters in Tel Aviv and she shared about her experience on our website: “Focusing on WIZO’s international social … Read more

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