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THE JOINT and WIZO have joined forces for the first time since 1967, and in our Major Function on 24th August we will be working together to help break the cycle of poverty in Israel.

WIZO and THE JOINT are the only two service providers in Israel capable of having a measurable impact on poor families,” said Anat Vidor, President of WIZO NSW. “Together our infrastructure covers the full breadth and depth of the country and this crisis demands that we combine our reach and resources.”

According to a report released by the National Insurance Institute, around one in three children live in poverty in Israel, which has the second highest poverty rate among OECD countries, ranking behind Mexico.

Eva Fischl OAM, President of THE JOINT AUSTRALIA recently commented “There comes a time when people need to come together to help and this is simply one of them,”

WIZO and THE JOINT AUSTRALIA share a common passion, which is an investment in Israel’s best resource, its people.

The Major Function on 24 August will highlight where new needs in Israel lie. The guest speaker, Moshe ‘Bogie’ Ya’alon, resigned from his position as Minister of Defence earlier this year with a promise that he will be challenging Prime Minister Netanyahu for the top job in the next elections. He is a man with a wide following in Israel across the political spectrum who has extensive military and strategic experience.

The event will also be an opportunity to hear Israel’s man of the moment outline his vision for the future of Israel.

Join us on Wednesday 24th August for an outstanding event and to help us break the cycle of poverty in Israel, building a greater Jewish homeland for generations to come.

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