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Moshe ‘Bogie’ Ya’alon is man of integrity, vision and exemplary strategic and military experience. Up until 3 months ago he was the Minister of Defence who made ‘middle Israel’ feel safe.

Following his controversial resignation from the position considered to be the second most important in the Israeli Cabinet, ‘Bogie’ announced that he will be running for Prime Minister at the next elections. He also declared that Israel is at cross roads and it is time for big decisions.

‘Bogie’ is cut from the cloth of Israel’s classic heroes. He is one of the pioneering Zionists who laboured and toiled to build our homeland and the untrained farmers who fought as reservists in the Yom Kippur War. The outcome of the 1973 War defied belief, when Israel, facing a unified attack on two fronts achieved the victory of not only defending our borders but also extending them. Bogie’s unit was the first IDF unit to cross the Suez Canal into Egypt.

There began a 32 year military career where Bogie’s exemplary strategic and military skills saw him rise rapidly through the ranks of the IDF to become Lieutenant-General and Chief-of-Staff of the IDF in2002. He joined the Likud Party in 2008 bringing a bona fide war hero back to the party and served Israel as Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Strategic Affairs, followed by Minister of Defence, the position considered the second most important in the Israeli cabinet.

WIZO holds a special place for ‘Bogie’ who spoke at the World WIZO EGM in January this year, as his grandchildren attend a WIZO Day Care Centre and so he knows firsthand the dedicated level of care that WIZO children receive.

Join us on Wednesday 24th August for our Major Function with Moshe ‘Bogie’ Ya’alon as our Guest Speaker. ‘Bogie’ has an unrivalled grasp on the current situation in the Middle East. He is uniquely qualified to talk about ISIS and eliminating the threat, Iran and its nuclear capabilities and he offers an insider’s opinion on a two-state solution.

Hear Israel’s man of the moment outline his vision for the future of Israel. Book your ticket now.

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