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Remembering Rose

We honour the life of Rose Fekete z’l, a true Eshet Chayil, a ‘woman of valour’ in every sense. So loved by us all, Rose’s passing leaves a void in our lives and she will be forever missed by our WIZO family. To Rose’s family we say may Hashem comfort you among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Everyone should have a piece of Rose in them” Our beloved Rose Fekete – who was a remarkable human being and an integral part of all of our lives left us so suddenly. It was an honour and great privilege to know her and work together with her. She embodied love, kindness and generosity, with high morals and meaningful values which she lived by.

Rose Fekete was a passionate member of WIZO NSW for 50 years. Everyone was drawn to her friendly smile and caring nature, her passionate love of WIZO‘s work was well known. Despite her many interests and communal involvement, she was always a WIZO woman. A true Eshet Chayil.

Rose had been a member of the WIZO NSW Executive since 1979 in many portfolios from Sponsor a Child, Membership and Education.She was also a Vice-President of WIZO NSW. She was Deputy President and Organisation Chairperson of WIZO Australia from 1998 to 2004.  Rose attended the Aviv Seminar in 1979 with the late Denny Govendir and the Poland to Israel special Aviv Seminar in 1989 which had a marked impression on her.

She devoted herself to her portfolio of WIZO Education and was well known to the younger children in our community.

Organising WIZO Shabbat widened her duties. She co-ordinated WIZO Awareness Week- the aim to spread the word of WIZO through the schools and shuls. She was held in high esteem with a strong relationship with the Rabbi’s and School Directors. She was instrumental in organising the visits of many IST children to WIZO projects.

Rose went into the schools and spoke to the children- her wealth of knowledge and passion enthused them all. Activities were given to all the children in the kindies. These were then laminated and sent to the children in the WIZO DayCare Centres in Israel.

Her responsibilities widened yet again with the creation of WIZOkids. The formation of this group was inspired by her 2 grandchildren Lexie and Charli –who she made young WIZO members.

Teaching the meaning of Tzedakah was very important to Rose and she encouraged all her grandchildren to donate portions of the Bar/ Batmitzvah money to support WIZO children less fortunate than themselves in Israel to celebrate this special milestone.

Rose was a very active and dedicated member of her group Ayelet, her pride and joy. Rose never missed a function. Not only attending and supporting her own group function, she supported all the other groups as well. Rose worked tirelessly to raise funds for WIZO, bringing many guests to all WIZO NSW Gala evenings and promoting the vital need to support WIZO’s fundraising efforts. There was nothing better than giving a WIZO card as a gift to all- generously making a donation in their honour to support WIZO’s vital work in Israel.

Rose was the recipient of many WIZO awards:

Rose received:

  • The Denny Govinder Award: This award was given to Rose for her spirit, enthusiasm, vision and active participation in WIZO, which made her and inspiration and role model.
  • The Rebecca Sieff Award: The Rebecca Sieff Award (named in honour of the founder of the WIZO movement) is the highest accolade awarded to WIZO members around the world. It is presented to acknowledge outstanding service to WIZO
  • Rose was an Honorary Life Member of WIZO Australia

 Rose always maintained that her three greatest passions in life were her family, WIZO and her work.
Rose’s passing leaves a void in our lives and she will be forever missed by our WIZO family.

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