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Thanks to the tireless dedication, determination and hard work the women of WIZO Australia witnessed the realisation of a dream when Makom Balev opened in January this year. Gilla Liberman, WIZO Australia Immediate Past President and Anat Vidor, WIZO NSW President were especially instrumental in the long and often challenging journey of making Makom Balev a reality.

The opening was conducted by His Excellency Chris Cannan, Australian Ambassador to Israel and Paulette Cherny, President WIZO Australia. Anat Vidor was honoured to lead the WIZO NSW delegation for this inauguration.

Makom Balev, a place in the heart, is an emergency shelter and treatment centre for young women at extremely high risk in the low socio-economic area of Be’er Sheva. Some of these girls are as young as 16 and as result of their unfortunate circumstances, are facing a bleak future of prostitution, drugs, alcoholism and abuse.

Without education, support or psychological intervention these girls would be powerless to make better lives for themselves, nor understand that is their basic human right to live with dignity and be treated with respect.

This centre has given these young women a safe environment to depend on, somewhere to rest their heads and receive a warm meal. The shelter has a modern kitchen, two washrooms, living room, dining room, meeting room for group therapy, emergency housing for 4 women, an office and overnight accommodation for staff.

Makom BaLev is the embodiment of our visionary Theodore Herzl’s ideal, “If you will it, it is not a dream.”

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