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About Molly

Molly Bloom is an inspirational keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and best selling author of Molly’s Game, her memoir that was adapted into an award-winning film of the same name.  Bloom’s memoir chronicles her journey from college student to LA waitress to building and operating the largest and most notorious private poker game in the world.  Her games featured hundreds of millions of dollars and players like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, A-Rod, and Ben Affleck.

The film Molly’s Game, was written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, stars Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba and Kevin Costner.  Bloom has also appeared on numerous shows and in media outlets such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Vice Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, Vulture, and has been asked to speak at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit.

What are we raising funds for?

There are 400,000 infants and children at risk in Israel. These are children, whose parents for many reasons, do not provide them with the basics of food, clothes and a safe place to live. Children fleeing from abusive homes with their mothers. Babies and toddlers with no one to care for them. Children with emotional, social and educational problems, many of whom live in physical danger.

That’s why this year WIZO is raising funds for our Multipurpose Day Care Centres across Israel that support such vulnerable children.

These centres offer these children educational and developmental programs on an ongoing basis, with the extra supervision and care they need. Open from 7am to 7pm, six days a week, the centres offer the warmth and stability their homes cannot provide while at the same time giving the parents time to reorganise their lives and get the help they need.