Saya Oshlack

Meet Saya Oshlack – one of our youngest WIZO members

Let’s get to know Saya and find out what WIZO means to her

Hi Saya, tell us when and why you joined WIZO?

I joined WIZO in 2015. I have always been interested in finding a way to help disadvantaged children and WIZO does this for kids in Israel.

How would you explain WIZO to someone who has never heard of it?

I would say that WIZO is women working together to help poor children and women in Israel.

What does WIZO mean to you?

WIZO is about a community working as a team to help others.

Why is WIZO important today?

WIZO is vital because day-by-day more children need our help. The situation isn’t getting better and we need to do more.

Is there a WIZO function or event that stands out in your mind? Why?

When I was younger, I had the chance to be in a WIZO fashion parade. It was a lot of fun, all for a good cause, and that’s why it sticks out in my mind.

What would you tell someone who was unsure about joining?

I would tell them that just by joining they can make a big difference to the lives of children in Israel

Tell us about yourself outside of WIZO – your family life, work life, other interests.

I’m in Year 8 at Emanuel School. My mother, grandmother and great grandmother are and were all great WIZO supporters.
I’m carrying on this proud tradition.

Is there a WIZO project that you have a particular interest in? Why?

I love anything to do with babies! I know WIZO also does Sponsor a Child in Israel, giving us the chance to help babies as young as six months old. So I’m looking forward to learning more about that this year.

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