Meet Bertha Milner

WIZO Women come from all walks of life.
Let’s get to know some of our members and find out what WIZO means to them.

Hi Bertha, tell us why you joined WIZO initially. What year was it?

There are a couple of reasons I joined WIZO. Firstly because I like the fact that we can help women and children at risk. That we can make a real difference to their lives. I also simply love the sisterhood of being a WIZO woman.

How would you explain WIZO to someone who has never heard of it?

I would tell them that WIZO is a sisterhood of women in Israel and all over the world that focuses on helping at-risk women and children in Israel.

What does WIZO mean to you?

WIZO means a lot to me personally. It makes me feel empowered to be part of a group of such committed and dedicated women.

Why is WIZO important today?

WIZO is very relevant today. Israel needs the Diaspora more than ever. 1 in 4 children in Israel live below the poverty line – it’s simply hard to believe! As such, WIZO has become Israel’s largest welfare arm.

Is there a WIZO function or event that stands out in your mind? Why?

I’ll never forget the WIZO Rachel event with Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie. This was dear to my heart as it honoured my late nephew Private Greg Sher who was killed in action in Afghanistan.

What would you tell someone who was unsure about becoming a WIZO member? 

I would say that its not even a decision! That it’s a priority! And that apart from the life-changing work that WIZO does in Israel, the bonds and friendships you will make through WIZO are life-changing too.

Tell us about yourself outside of WIZO – your family life, work life, other interests.

Outside of WIZO and my community work, I’m a full-time grandmother! I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren, preparing huge Shabbat dinners and leading a fulfilling life in general.

Is there a WIZO project that you have a particular interest in? Why?

Makom Balev means a lot to me. With my grandchildren approaching teenage years, I find it rewarding to be able to help the girls at-risk in Be’er Sheva. It’s important we keep them safe and off the streets.

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