Meet Benita Kam

WIZO Women come from all walks of life.
Let’s get to know some of our members and find out what WIZO means to them.

Hi Benita, tell us why you joined WIZO initially. What year was it?

I believe I joined WIZO approximately 4 years ago. And why? Well, it’s a pretty simple, yet very important reason – I have a genuine care for the welfare of the people in Israel.

How would you explain WIZO to someone who has never heard of it?

I would say that WIZO is involved in supporting and assisting underprivileged children, youth and young women by offering both facilities such as day care centres, and professional support such as psychological counselling and advice.

What does WIZO mean to you?

To me WIZO is about community and strong women giving back. It’s about supporting those less fortunate than myself, through care, devotion and teamwork.

Why is WIZO important today?

WIZO is important today because it is there – on the ground – to respond to the trials, tribulations and challenges that arise in Israeli society. I think it is really important that those of us in the diaspora continue to stay connected to Israel and support its citizens in need.

Is there a WIZO function or event that stands out in your mind? Why?

I have a particular soft spot for SPONSOR A CHILD as I was involved with Anat with its initial launch. The very first event at the Vidor home stands out to me for this reason.

What would you tell someone who was unsure about becoming a WIZO member? 

That it is very empowering to be involved in charity of any kind – particularly when it involves women and children.

Tell us about yourself outside of WIZO – your family life, work life, other interests.

I am married, have four children and two dogs. I am a wedding planner and event manager. I am also a speech pathologist and audiologist but do not practise. This is where my love for children and people less fortunate evolved.
I love what I do and it keeps me motivated. I feel so lucky to be involved in people’s happy moments and special times. I love travelling and exploring new places as this keeps my passion for design alive.

Is there a WIZO project that you have a particular interest in? Why?

There is no particular project. I think that fundraising for WIZO as a whole is of fundamental importance and the Executives on WIZO should be the ones determining who needs what when.

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