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Rina is a young girl of Ethiopian heritage and is one of eight children. A little over a year ago Rina’s mother had to leave the family to escape an abusive husband. As a result Rina was taken to a WIZO Therapeutic Day Care Centre from where she could receive the care and support she no longer had at the family home. From the very first day Rina presented as different from the other children – she was always sad – uncommon for a 3 year old. The professionals working at the centre soon diagnosed her with severe grief and she began meeting with a psychologist to help her overcome the loss of her mother and the violence she had seen at home.

Rina has slowly improved over time and now interacts with those around her. Recently, Rina’s mother contacted the welfare agencies requesting to see her daughter. Now they both receive treatment together and are in the process of rebuilding their relationship.

Thanks to the incredible support that Rina and her mother receive at the centre, and from the sponsors who make this centre possible, Rina is no longer consumed by grief and is blossoming into a girl full of personality.

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