A purpose full of promise

There are 400,000 infants and children at risk in Israel. These are children, whose parents for many reasons, do not provide them with the basics of food, clothes and a safe place to live. Children fleeing from abusive homes with their mothers. Babies and toddlers with no one to care for them. Children with emotional, social and educational problems, many of whom live in physical danger.

That’s why this year WIZO is raising funds for our Multipurpose Day Care Centres across Israel that support such vulnerable children.

These centres offer these children educational and developmental programs on an ongoing basis, with the extra supervision and care they need. Open from 7am to 7pm, six days a week, the centres offer the warmth and stability their homes cannot provide while at the same time giving the parents time to reorganise their lives and get the help they need.

Meet Ari

Ari and his teenage mother are trying to make ends meet on their own. After they were both abandoned by his father, Ari was enrolled in a WIZO Day Care Centre close to his mother’s work, while she receives assistance through WIZO’s Single Parent Family Programs.

Meet Ayelet

Ayelet’s young life is already a complicated one. After her sister was killed in a terrorist attack her mother began suffering bouts of depression and her father simply can’t cope. As such, Ayelet is often neglected and has become withdrawn. Her WIZO Day Care Centre has been very vigilant and offers her a special one-on-one socialisation program.

Meet Talia

Talia was born prematurely and spent much of her first year in hospital. As a result, her mother found it difficult to bond with her as a small child, causing Talia to act out destructively to get attention. The staff at her WIZO Day Care Centre acted quickly to help, bringing in several experts and setting up a personalised program for her.

Meet Natan

Natan’s childhood has been traumatic. Not only does his mother have a disability, but his father displayed violent behaviour towards them both. Natan showed signs of learning difficulties at his WIZO Day Care Centre so they arranged for a number of tests to be done. They discovered he had a hearing problem and he now receives subsidised care and a one-on-one educational program.

Meet Tamara

Tamara’s mother died shortly after they arrived in Israel and she is now being raised by her father. They have no other family. The social worker at her WIZO Day Care Centre arranged for her father to attend a Single Parent Program run by WIZO, while WIZO volunteers also ensure that they spend Shabbat with other families in their neighbourhood.

Meet Ronen

Ronen is the youngest of six children in a family that lives below the poverty line. Concerned by his behaviour at the Day Care Centre, WIZO sent a social worker to his home where they found there was often not enough food to go around and that Ronen was arriving at Day Care hungry.  WIZO is now subsiding day care fees for Ronen and is sending food home with him at the end of the day.

Meet Yana

Yana was born in Israel, a country with limitless opportunities. However, it’s a little more difficult for her parents, who are originally from Russia. Although they are both professionals, they cannot get work due to language difficulties. To help, WIZO has arranged for long day care for Yana at one of their Multipurpose Day Care Centres while her parents take Hebrew lessons and look for work.

Meet Tali

Tali’s mother is a drug addict who was abandoned by Tali’s father. Although Tali is loved, her mother can’t provide the care a baby needs. A social worker arranged for Tali to attend a WIZO Day Care Centre where she now receives proper nutrition and sleeps soundly every afternoon.

Meet Amir

Amir lives in a tense environment in his parent’s small apartment. His father was severely injured in a suicide bombing and can’t work, while his mother cares for her husband. Amir simply doesn’t understand why his parents can’t give him the attention he needs. As a result, his behaviour was deteriorating, and he now works with a play therapist at the WIZO Day Care Centre who is helping him greatly.