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From Ballet shoes to Israeli welfare, Betty was single minded, committed and passionate.
Arriving as a young girl in Australia in the 30’s and working with her father to create the Bloch’s Ballet empire, Betty always had a binding connection with the community.  As a professional educator she was the first teacher Moriah College employed when it opened.
She was involved in many organisations and Synagogues whilst enjoying the freedom and power of building up a modern, unique, worldwide business which still runs today stronger than ever under the leadership of her children.
An avid Zionist, WIZO is where she decided to put her energies into as an organisation, helping the most vulnerable in Israeli society at a grassroots level.  She was a strong, intelligent voice at executive level  for many years before being elected as President.
This is the calibre of woman who has helped shape WIZO NSW into the strong movement it is today within our community.
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