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Ever sung along passionately to Bette’s classic, ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’? Us too.

Bette’s career began in New York City where she built up a cult following singing in clubs and on Broadway. Her first album, The Divine Miss M, won her the Best New Artist award at the 1973 Grammys and she’s also enjoyed a successful screen career appearing in hits like Beaches, Hocus Pocus, The Rose, Gypsy and The First Wives Club.

In 2001, in the wake of 9/11, Midler harnessed her personal charitable foundations to create programs providing resources, including custom homes, to wounded and traumatised services members and their families. She also regularly visits military bases to serve soldiers meals just before their deployment, to show her gratitude for all that they do.

Though she grew up as one of very few Jews in Honolulu, Bette’s cultural affiliations were never in doubt:

“I always knew who I was. My parents especially loved Jewish humour”.

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